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VIDEOS REVIEW: How to read fast ?

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Hello, In this post we are Embed few videos  which is actually give you ideas about our faulty habits of reading slow & how we overcome it.

These videos give you tips for reading fast & get maximum output from whole context.

  • It’s a common thing that only reading of a book can give you a significant information that can be used for built a high level concept on important topic of subject so it can help in exams or in your general knowledge.
  • More wisdom you gain ,more you will become successful.  By gaining so much knowledge from books in a short amount of time.
  • So there are the techniques to improve your reading skill is ……..

  1. Think about digging this gold.
  2. Every book has two three golden nugget sound which book is based.
  3. Don’t think that you have to read from start to finish.
  4. First go through the index.
  5. Read the front and the back covers, get an idea of what the book is about.
  6. think about what you already agree with, and what you don’t agree with.
  7. Pay attention to those parts that you didn’t know about and what you didn’t agree with.
  8. Use bolded parts, and summaries at the end of the book.
  9. You can also watch these book summaries before reading the book, so that you know what to look for.
  10. You can find many audiobooks Online. Listen to them at 2 times the speed.

……… Now here one more ;

& This is also having some complex but important concept on it…..

& Here is a psychology part on this issue….

So What’s your plan.

  • How fast you can read can determine a lot of things in your life.
  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both have said that there is superpower would be reading faster.
  • These may be of self help books or our text books.
  • Lot of people want to know “The Secret of fast reading” specially students.

So if you thought that this post worth sharing with others. Do it now.

Thanks a lot.

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